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This month's topics:
- Our Top Prediction for 2013.
- Plus FREE Nine Shift webinar Wed Jan 30.
Last month over 3,000 visitors, a new record!

Thank You Conference Attendees & Exhibitors

Thank You to all that attended and exhibited.

Orlando, FL 2014 LERN Annual Conference
Fall Registration Survey
Results In

Results are in for the annual registration survey for the field, the most important survey in continuing education and lifelong learning every year.

For the results, just email Tammy at

State of Lifelong Learning 2014

The field of continuing education and lifelong learning is making the transition in responding to the new economy, adapting to online marketing, and meeting the demands and interests of learners in the new economy.  This year’s report is more optimistic than we have been in several years about where programs are now, and where they are headed.

New Mentoring Program

Mark Mrozinski A new mentoring program for LERN members under age 36 starts this month. LERN leader Mark Mrozinski of Palatine, Illinois, created the program design.

Anyone under age 36 who wants a mentor, and anyone older who wants to be a mentor, should email to become involved.

First Future Chair

Susan DavisSusan Davis of the American Society of Civil Engineers in Washington DC has been named the first Chair of the new Future Leaders Council, serving members under age 36. She leads the first meeting of the Future Leaders Council in San Francisco.

Print Still Critical

* Roughly 80% of all mail delivered is opened compared to only about 20% for e-mails.

* Print delivers a higher response rate compared to email. The Chief Marketing Officers Council found that the average response rate for email is 0.12%, whereas the average response rate for direct mail is 4.4%.

* Websites supported by catalogs yield 16.3% more revenue than those not supported by catalogs.  Direct mail expert Paul Franklin reports the data in his Top Ten Best Promotion Ideas of the Year session.

Gen X & Y Now Majority

Gen Xers and Gen Yers attending the big LERN conference are the majority for the first time ever, according to birth years of those attending.

Gen Xers are 39% of attendees, with Gen Y at 12%, for a total of 51%.  Baby Boomers are 49% of attendees.  The oldest participant is 67, and the youngest 22. 

Conference Reports Coming

Look in your LERN magazine for full coverage of the LERN conference, the most exciting week of the year.

Make Plans Now

The 2014 LERN Conference is November 21-23, 2014, at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel in Orlando, Florida.  The hotel is so large we will not need any overflow hotels. Mark your calendar now!

Use Google+ in Marketing

Use Google+ in your marketing, eMarketing expert Suzanne Kart is telling people in the Top Ten Promotion Ideas of the Year session at the big conference. Over the last year, enough data has been collected on the SEO ranking effect of Google+ to determine it is the most important factor in SEO ranking found a study released this year, she says.

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End of the Auto Age

New LERN data show that programs in suburban areas are already feeling the effects of the decline in auto driving and younger people moving back into cities.

A special report, “The End of the Auto Age,” marks the 10th Anniversary of the classic Nine Shift book predicting the changes occurring now.   The report is part of the NineShift session at the big LERN conference.

End of Auto Age: Drave and Coates in Vintage Car
UGotClass Up 36%

LERN members registered 36% more students for UGotClass online courses in November than last November.  The 2013 UGotClass Annual Report is a special free 30 minute webinar Thursday, December 12 at 2 pm ET.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Upcoming Webinars
[ View More Upcoming Webinars ]

Jenna Soard 
   The top new November course for UGotClass is “Creating Visual Presentations” with Jenna Soard, instructor.

Two Themes for Award winners

The field’s top 20 Awards are announced at the big LERN conference. Two themes this year:

* Better Email.  Programs are emailing more frequently, getting over shyness about how often to email people.  And the email formats are more visual and nicer looking.

* More surveys.  Before offering or even creating major new program offerings, more programs are surveying people to get feedback on whether the new program will be popular.

Pumpkins on Wagon

With membership income up and a record conference this month, LERN has much for which to be grateful.
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